VELLEMAN HPS40 Hand held Oscilloscope with PC interface

VELLEMAN HPS40 Hand held Oscilloscope with PC interface
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Product Description

Hurry up..Offer Limited..!!

PSO-40 is a user-friendly, feature-packed and genuinely "hand-held" oscilloscope w/a number of characteristics :
Low noise, high sensitivity, modest weight, a backlit LCD
& a choice between regular batteries or rechargeable ones...

Furthermore, the scope also offers a selection of 5 different screen layouts....
Both novices and professional users will admire the fast and fully automatic setup function, allowing them to perform measurements without physically touching the unit..
Floating measurements are completely safe thanks to the battery-powered operation and the (included) fully insulated measuring probe...
These features make the PSO-40 indispensable to the professional user, service centres and even to the hobbyist...

Key Features..!!
Optical isolated RS232 output for PC..
40MHz sampling rate..
12MHz analogue bandwidth..
0.1mV sensitivity..
5mV to 20V/div in 12 steps..
50ns to 1hour/div time base in 34 steps..
Full auto set up..
Adjustable trigger level..
X and Y position signal shift...
DVM readout..
Audio power calculation (rms and peak) in 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32 ohm..
DBm, dBV, DC, rms ...measurements..
Signal markers for Volt and Time..
Frequency readout (through markers)..
Recorder function (roll mode)..
Signal storage (2 memories)...
High resolution LCD 192x112 pixels...
LCD backlight...
Delivery Contains:-
PSO-40 unit
user manual
flexible carry protection holster
insulated safety probe
RS232 connection lead (to DB9)
handy rigid carry case