VarioPac Trigger CD DVD Case w/BlueTrigger, PSC22, 100 PCS
VarioPac Trigger CD DVD Case w/BlueTrigger, PSC22, 100 PCS
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Product Description

The unique, elegant and fun-to-use new CD/DVD cases with a RED trigger. Size: Length:5 1/2" Width: 4 7/8" Thickness: 1/8" . Simply slide the CD/DVD in, squeeze the trigger and the CD is ejected half way out; Push it back in and the locking arms snap it securely in place. These are thinner and lighter than regular jewel cases and are made from virtually indestructible polypropelene (PP) plastic. An ideal way to give your CD/DVD projects a kick without the expense of printed packaging - simply print or label your cds, slot them in, and you've got a real attention-getter.

This is simply a piece of art. This special high class packaging makes your CD/DVD collection even brilliant! Please note this case is hard to come by and we are one of a handful of distributors of this high class unique product in the world.

Min Order: 100 pcs; increments of 100