Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry/Diamond/Watch-LT05

Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry/Diamond/Watch-LT05
Item# LT05
$30.00, 2/$55.00, 4/$105.00

Product Description

Hurry up..Offer Limited..!!

Key Features..!!
Utilize the effect of cavitations and the sonic pressure..
Clean the articles with liquid detergent.
LED or LCD display.
Especially fit for valuables with complicated shape or many cracks.
Jewelry, diamond, watch parts, knitting matters, nail enamel, ... and so on.
Stability and low cost.
Convenient and safe to operate..

General Specification..!!
Content Description
Power Supply:220V or 110V, 50/60 Hz
Working hours:3-5 minutes for A & C style and 99 seconds for B & D style.
Operating frequencies:43-45KHz.
Inside size:165mm X 90mm X 40mm.
Outside size:210mm X 105mm X 115mm.
Weight:1 Kg
Packing list:Ultrasonic cleaner, manual, power cord.