Taiyo Yuden CD-R 52X, Silver Inkjet Print, Watershield, CDR80SPPSB-WS1 100PCS

Taiyo Yuden CD-R 52X, Silver Inkjet Print, Watershield, CDR80SPPSB-WS1 100PCS
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Product Description

Taiyo Yuden WaterShield CD-R Media

Taiyo Yuden media has long been known for their exceptional recording quality. Take that engineering and manufacturing excellence and apply it to inkjet printable media - you have Taiyo Yuden Watershield media for inkjet disc printers! Unlike normal inkjet discs, WaterShield is water resistent, scratch resistant, and features a glossy finish. WaterShield blank media is the best way to ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements. From Taiyo Yuden, the inventor of the CD-R, WaterShield discs repel water and protect from wear and scratches.WaterShield Silver is the latest innovation from Taiyo Yuden, featuring the same great qualities as the original WaterShield White, but with a reflective metallic finish, unlike anything seen before in inkjet-printable media!

What else can WaterShield media do? Writes all forms of audio and data, uses ISO 14001 certified manufacturing, has zero wave distortion, lowest jitter levels and lowest bler (E12 & E22) error rate in the industry.

Surface Silver Capacity CD: 80 minutes, 700 MB Write Speed CD: 52X Durability 100-year data integrity guarantee Certification ISO 14001 certified manufacturing Resistance Resistant to water, scratches, and dust Surface Features Silver: reflective, metallic finish Printer Compatibility Compatible with any inkjet disc printer

Min Order: 100 pcs, increments of 100 300 pcs/full case