Rimage Amigo II with Everest

Rimage Amigo II with Everest
Item# RimageAmigoII
Regular price: $12,000.00
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Product Description

Main Specs

Disc Capacity: 300

Number of Drives: 1

Easy of Use Level: Moderate

Network: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year

Black Cost Per Print: $0.13

Color Cost Per Print: $0.33

Features: , Duplication and printing solution all-in-one with easy to use software , Printing is very high resolution , Printing is permanent, water resistant, and color vibrant , Rimage Software allows for easy automation, merged document printing, and multiple jobs , Long Life and Durability using mechanical components that do not wear out , This unit can be networked to create discs from anywhere on your network , Technical support responses will be within 6hrs

Recommendation: The Amigo II is a robotics-controlled CD-R or DVD-R publisher with a choice of disc printing technologies. The system records and prints each disc, then stacks the finished discs in one of the output bins for easy unloading. The robotic transporter, which consists of a lift arm and removable carousel, can retrieve and stack up to 300 discs without operator intervention.

The Amigo II offers you a choice of printing technology, Everest II Printer or the PrismPlus! Printer. The Everest II provides photo-realistic printing with the industry's best print durability. The PrismPlus! delivers fast, low cost per disc printing. In addtion, the PrismPlus! offersPerfectPrint - the ability to add precision printing on pre-silk screened discs.With the provided label editor, CD Designer, you can create custom labels in a variety of text and graphics images.

The Rimage Amigo II is a fully automated, networked single drive disc duplication and publishing solution featuring premium quality, high-reliability Rimage robotics. It is designed for non-stop 24/7 production environments. The large 300 disc input bin provides the ability to schedule and run multiple large jobs overnight in unattended mode. The Amigo II can be configured with either a CD or a CD/DVD recorder.