Primera Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher - BD duplicator - Hi-Speed USB - 20 PN#63124
Primera Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher - BD duplicator - Hi-Speed USB - 20 PN#63124
Item# 63124

Product Description

The World's Leading Manufacturer of CD & DVD Duplication and Printing Equipment! Award-Winning CD and DVD Duplicators Primera Technology is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of automated DVD, BD and CD duplication and printing systems. Primera is well known for its award-winning Bravo-series Disc Publishers.

Primera's DVD / BD / CD duplication and printing equipment is used by more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies as well as companies and organizations in over 85 countries.

Have you ever had to burn discs one at a time and then manually print and apply sticky labels? If so, you know how much time and effort is involved. Even ordering discs from an outside vendor takes too much time and is too expensive. You've probably thought to yourself, "There has to be a better way!"

Now, there is. It's the Bravo SE Disc Publisher from Primera. Bravo SE is a compact, all-in-one automated disc production factory that fits right on your desktop. It produces full-color, high-quality discs that make your business or organization look truly professional.

Bravo SE takes the complex task of burning and printing discs and makes it simple. It uses Primera's sixth-generation robotics, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Bravo SE is perfect for a wide variety of light- to medium-duty disc publishing jobs. You can burn and print individual discs with unique data or quantities of the same disc. Just a few of the most popular applications include video and music content, software, press kits, trade show handouts, instruction and training manuals, technical documentation, PowerPoint presentations, catalogs - the possibilities are almost endless!