New Function Signal Generator (0.2Hz - 2MHz) - VC2002

New Function Signal Generator (0.2Hz - 2MHz) - VC2002
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Product Description

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Key Features..!!
Output wave-form such as sine, square, rectangle, sawtooch and triangle waves.
Frequency and amplitude can be adjusted.
4 or 5 digit LED display.
Range from 0.2Hz to 2MHz.
Stability and low cost.
Convenient and safe to operate.

General Specification..!!
Content Description
Power supply:110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Size:270mm x 215mm x 100mm
Working Temperature:0 Celcius ~40 Celcius

Technical Specification..!!
Content Description
Frequency range:0.2Hz ~ 2MHz.Seven ranges.
0.2Hz ~ 2Hz,
2Hz ~ 20Hz,
20Hz ~ 200Hz,
200Hz ~ 2KHz,
2KHz ~ 20KHz,
20KHz ~ 200KHz,
200KHz ~ 2MHz,
Sine wave distortion less than 2%
Triangle wave linearmore than 99%
Square wave rise edge timesless than 100ns
Square wave fall edge timesless than 100ns.
Square wave rise and fall pulseless than 5%Vo
Output signal wave form:Sine, square,rectangle, sawtooch and triangle waves.
Measurement error:less than 0.5%
Package list:Function signal generator, manual, power cord and test probe.
Other Important Charateristics of VC2002:VC2002 can be tuned to 3000~5000HTZ with a square wave.