New LDB Audio Signal Generator (10KHz-1MHz) - RAG101

New LDB Audio Signal Generator (10KHz-1MHz) - RAG101
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Product Description

Key Features..!!
Reliable circuitry insures high stability and accuracy..
Easy operation on slim type panel assembling..
Frequency range from 10Hz to 1MHz selectable in 5 ranges are calibrated with single-scale graduations..
More than 5V rms at no load and more than 2.8V rms on 600 loading (Sine Wave). Output level can be adjusted by a 10dB-step, 6 range attenuator and a level adjuster...
Synchronizing input terminal...
Sine wave and square wave are available...

Sine Wave Characteristics..!!
Contents Description
Output Voltage:5 rms or more
Output Distortion: 400Hz-20KHz, 0.1% or less (X100 range for 1KHz)
50Hz-500KHz 0.5%or less
Output Flatness: 1.5dB (refer to 1KHz)
Square Wave Characteristics..!!
Contents Description
Output Voltage: 10V p.p or more
Rise Time: 0.25 us or less
Duty ratio: 50% 5% (refer to 1 KHz)
Frequency Range..!!
Contents Description
X1 Range:10Hz-100Hz..
X10 range: 100Hz-1KHz..
X100 range 1KHz-10KHz..
X1K Range 10KHz-100KHz..
X10k Range 100KHz-1MHz..
External Syncronization & Output Characteristics..!!
Contents Description
Range : 3% of oscillator frequency..
Input Impedance : 10K approximate
Maximum Input 10V Rms
Impedance :600 10%
Attenuator : 0dB, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB, -40dB and -50dB in 6 steps (accuracy +1dB at 600 load)

Other Features..!!
Contents Description
Power Requirement: Input: AC 110V ONLY, 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 5 Watt
Dimension: 142mm x 233mm x 197mm
Accessories: Power Cord: 1pc
Test Clip: 1pc
Instruction Manual: 1pc