NEW 0.2Hz to 20 Mhz Function Generator LM1620

NEW 0.2Hz to 20 Mhz Function Generator LM1620
Item# LM1620
$300.00, 2/$590.00, 4/$1,160.00

Product Description

Product Description 1 Voltage Out

Model: LM1620

Range of frequency 0.2Hz-20MHz

Frequency step Seven-step, decimalism Eight-step, decimalism

Frequency adjustment ratio 0.1 ~ 1

Output waves Sine\square\triangle\pulse\tamp\and 50Hz sine.

Output impedance 50

Output signal type Signal\ FM\ sweep

Sweep type Linearity\logarithm

Sweep rate 5s ~ 10ms

VCF 0~5V VCF 100: 1

External FM voltage 0 ~ 3V

External FMfrequency 10Hz~20KHz

Voltage output amplitude 20Vp-p(1M ) 10Vp-p(50 )

Linearity of triangle wave 100KHz 98% >100KHz 95%

Duty adjustment 10%~90%

Attenuation accuracy 3%

Frequency accuracy 2%

50Hz sine output About 2Vp-p

TTL out "0" 0.6V "1" 2.8V

Gate time 10s\1s\0.1s

EXT measurement frequency range 1Hz ~ 10MHz

EXT measurement frequency sensitivity 100mV

Range of counter 6bits(999999)