MASTECH HY3003F-3 Triple DC Power Supply Dual Colour Displays

MASTECH HY3003F-3 Triple DC Power Supply Dual Colour Displays
Item# HY3003F-3
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Contents Description
Model(output voltage & output current): HY3003F-3 (2 x 0-30V, 2 x 0-3A,5V/3 AMP FIXED OUTPUT)
Display type:4 LED with 2 colors
Input voltage:104 to 127V AC (60Hz), or 207 to 253V AC (50Hz)
Ripple and noise:CV 0.5mVrms
Protection: current restricted protection, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.
Output type:triple output, dual output with fixed 5V/3A.
The dual output:Can be connected in parallel or series, series voltage or parallel current is the sum value of dual output.
Dimensions:365 x 265 x 164mm

More Descriptions:

This high quality linear power supply has three outputs: Two outputs are continously adjustable at 0-30V DC and 0-3A, and the third output is fixed at 5V DC and 3A...
What's more, the two outputs can be used either in independent, series or parallel mode, providing either two independent outputs, or one output with twice the voltage or twice the current output, up to 60V or 6A...
The unit comes with 4 color LED displays, providing accurate and clearly visible readout for the voltage and current value...
LED displays are new trend in instrumentation, becuase they are more durable and easily visable even in dark environment...
This unit has toggle switch at the back that allows you to operate it in 110V AC or 220V AC. Retails well over $400.