Gold Gift Card

Gold Gift Card
Item# gold_gc

Product Description

Once you have purchase Gold Gift Card we'll email you a unique code and expiration date for your Gold gift card.

  • What is a Gold Gift Card?
    ---The Gold Gift Card carries $25.00 amount with an unique code and expiration date.

  • How do I use my Gold Gift Card?
    ---Your Gold Gift Card can be used to purchase products on website only using the unique code emailed after you purchase your gift card. Each time the card is used, the amount that is spent will automatically be deducted from the remaining balance.

  • Can I give my Gold Gift Card to someone else?
    ---Once you have used your Gift Card or registered your Card with your information then you can share your code and expiration with your loved ones to purchase products on

  • Do fees apply after my Gold Gift Card was purchased?
    ---No. There are no additional fees after purchase.

  • Does my Gold Gift Card expire?
    ---Yes, subject to applicable law, your Gold Gift Card will no longer work when the remaining value on it is equal to $0 or the “valid thru” date emailed to you has passed the expiration date. If funds still remain on your card after the “valid thru” date, please gives us a call on (402) 321-4166 to have your Gold Gift Card with an updated “valid thru” date emailed to you at no cost. The balance on your card will remain the same.

  • Can I transfer the balance on one Gift Card to another Gift Card?
    ---No. Your Gold Gift Card balance cannot be transferred to another Gift Card.

  • Can I use my Card to withdraw cash from an ATM?
    ---No, you can’t use your Gold Gift card to withdraw cash from an ATM.