Digital Capacity Multimeter VC6013

Digital Capacity Multimeter VC6013
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Product Description

Hurry Up...Offer Limited..!!!
High measuring accuracy.
Easy and correct readout..
Input overload protection is provided..
In-line pushbuttons allow one hand operation..
LSI-circuit provides high reliability and durability..
Low battery condition is indicated on the LCD display..
Light-weight and compact construction for easy operation..
Measurements are possible even under a strong magnetic field..
LCD display for low power consumption and clear readout even in bright ambient light conditions..

GENERAL Specification..!!!
Contents Description
Display: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Max. display 1999.
Range: 9 range, whole range value (from 0.1pF to 20mF).
Overload protection: Display 1..
Calibrate Adjustment: Have two internal adjustment. One is panel Zero adjustment..
Zero Adjustment: Manual (range:20pF).
Over-range dispaly: Display1..
Sampling Time: 0~5second.
Operating Temp: 0 to 40..
Operating Humidity: 80% MAX.R.H..
Battery: 9V (6F22 or the equivalent.
Battery Life: alkaline battery: approx.200hr & Zinc-Carbon battery approx. 100hrs.
Typical consumption current: 3~4mA (RANGE: 200pF-200uF).
Standard Accessories: Test alligator clips (red & black)1 pair..
Instruction manual: 1 pc..

ELECTRICAL Specification..!!!
Range Resolution Test Frequency Max indication value
200pF 0.1pF 800Hz 199.9pF
2nF 1pF 800Hz 1.999nF
20nF 10pF 800Hz 19.99nF
200nF 100pF 800Hz 199.9nF
2uF 1000pF 800Hz 1.999uF
20uF 0.01uF 80Hz 19.99uF
200uF 0.1uF 8Hz 199.9uF
2000uF 1uF 8Hz 1999uF
20mF 10uF 8Hz 19.99mF
OTHER ELECTRICAL Specification..!!!
Content Description
Temperature range for accuracy guaranteed: 235
Excite voltage: 2.8V peak value
Overload protection: Protected by a 0.2A/250V self- fused. The capacitance will destroy the meter if the DCV is higher than 60V.
Zero adjust: limit to 20pF