Audio Sweeper mp1212bl+

Audio Sweeper mp1212bl+
Item# MP1212bl
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Product Description

Product Description

Use for Testing the spurious noise of the loudspeaker¡¢headphone¡¢loudspeaker system ... etc., suitable for use in production line¡¢ R&D¡¢ quality control and incoming parts inspection department



l LCD display output scope and frequency

l This unit has the functions of output delay at power-on and short circuit protection.

l Tool to test the ¡°+¡± and ¡°-¡± polarity of loudspeaker, earphone and dynamic receiver of various types, sizes and impedances

l With easy operation, this unit is widely applied to acoustics, telecommunications and other many fields, and to the loudspeaker and sound box manufacturers in particular.

l Produce the aural signal to test the sound and to accurately identify the polarity and pure tone index of loudspeakers.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency domain 20Hz-20KHz

Frequency display error display values 1¡Á104¡À1 words

Sine wave output scope 0---12.8vrms 8¦¸ load

Output voltage display error ¡À10%

Sine wave frequency response ¡À0.4dB (KHZ) status

Sine wave distortion degree ¡Ü0.5%, 100HZ-20KHZ

other frequency rangs: ¡Ü0.8%

Output power ¡Ý20W

Sweep mode logarithm

Sweep ratio 1: 1000

Sweep time 1S-20S

Synchronous output TTL square wave

Power supply AC110V¡À10% 50HZ

Operating environment Temperature: 0-40¡æ

Humidity:< RH90%

Atmospheric pressure: 86-105kpa