AC Millivoltmeter MVT321

AC Millivoltmeter MVT321
Item# MVT321
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Scale Values r.m.s. walue of sinusoidal wave ,dB value with 1V as 0 dB and dBm value with 1mw 600, as reference.
Range Select Mode: Separately for each channel or simultaneously for both channels.
Voltage Measurement Range 12ranges:300µV,1,3,10,30,100,300mV,1,3,10,30and100V full scale..
Decibel Range 12range:-70to+40dB in increments of 10dB.
Decibel Scale: -20to +1dB(0 dBm=1V)
-20to +3 dBm(0 dBm;1mW,600)..
Voltage Accuracy: Within +/-3% of full scale (at 1KHz).
Frequency Response: For 20Hz to 200KHz,within +/-3%(referred to 1KHz)
For 10Hz to 1MHz,withiní└10%(referred to 1KHz)
Input Resistance: Approximate l 1MŽŞ,for each range.
Input Capacitance: 50PF or less, for each range.
Maximum Allowable Input Voltage: 300V
Channel isolation: 40dB
Output Voltage: 0.1rmsí└10%(at 1KHz)for each range (at full scale with no load)
Input Power: 220VACí└10%50Hz
Dimensions: 142(W)*210(H)*235(D)mm
Weight: 3.2Kg
Accessories: Connection Cord