1Hz to 1Ghz High Protection Frequency Counter LDB TFC1000L

1Hz to 1Ghz High Protection Frequency Counter LDB TFC1000L
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Product Description

Detailed Product Description

TFC-1000L High Protection Frequency Counter,1Hz to 1.0GHz,very useful for testing and measuremnent in the laboratory.

TFC-1000L High Protection Frequency Counter

Product Details

Frequency counter TFC-1000

1) High-resolution multifunction intelligent frequency counter

2) Frequency ,period and equal-precisi

Frequency counter TFC-10000


1) 8 digital LED display,clear reading

2) Selective range ,high stability

3) Frequency measurement range:0.01s ,0.1s,1s

4) Attenuation:20d B

5) Input impedance:1M

6) Size:315~270~150mm

7) Wight:2.2kg

Main technical specifications

Type TFC-1000L

Display 8 bit green digital LED display

Strobe Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz (red LED indicator)

Frequency range 1Hz~1G Hz

Strobe time 0.01s,0.1s,1s

Analysis ratio 1nHz

Accuracy 1 } time base error

Input characteristics A range:1Hz-100MHz(20mVrms),1M

B range: 100MHz-1000MHz(20mVrms),50

Attenuator A range:~1

B range:~20

time base characteristics Frequency:20M(TCXO, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator) ,

Temperature stability ratio:5 ppm(050C)

Input power AC110V/220V(5060Hz)

Power dissipation 15W

Weight 2.2kg